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Are You Ready to Naturally Improve Your Health & Wellbeing?

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God's desire is for women to thrive in every area life, in body, soul and spirit. My passion is to help women improve their energy, vitality and well-being with delicious food and simple lifestyle changes. I specialize in integrative medicine and use telemedicine for mental health nutrition and nutritional psychology to help women recover from trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, obesity and a number of health issues including autoimmune disorders. 

My work is based on Leviticus17:11b, "The life [health, strength and vitality] of all living creatures is in the blood. I assist women with healing and strengthening their blood environment to experience optimal health using 7 Divine Keys that God revealed to me in the Bible that specifically focus on the health of the blood. 

When followed consistently, you will experience extraordinary health from the inside out. As someone who struggled with poor health in the past, I've learned that it takes a combination of lifestyle approaches to improve your health. One of the divine keys that changed my life dramatically was following the blood type diet. This divine key aligns

with the scripture Leviticus 17:11b.  I have studied over 100+ dietary theories and have found that eating according to your blood type O, A, B, or AB recognizes the unique qualities found within each woman's blood types. What works for one woman, may not work for another. The Blood Type Diet was created by naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo.  His research has proven that foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. When followed consistently, your body will digest food more efficiently, experience natural weight loss, increase your energy levels, as well as reverse and prevent diseases.


I am a results-driven professional who is known for helping women improve their energy, vitality and mental well-being. I invite you to work with me to support your path toward feeling great.

Learn what happened when my client Laura embarked on using the 7 Divine Keys

Laura was a middle-aged professional suffering from chronic fatigue, uterine fibroids, anxiety and obesity. When she came to me, she was worried about undergoing surgery to have the fibroids removed. In addition, she expressed that she did not want to be on any medications due to the side-effects. After listening to her story and running a few lab tests, I pinpointed several food sensitivities and nutritional deficits and discovered that her diet was actually contributing to her conditions. Laura and I spent 90 minutes on the phone and I designed a personalized wellness plan according to her blood type.  We then met for several weeks to help her get off to a strong start while making these changes.

Within a few short weeks of eating per my plan, Laura noticed an overall improvement in her health. After one year of consistent action, Laura reported that she did not need surgery because the fibroids healed naturally. In addition, her energy levels increased, her anxiety was gone and she lost 45 lbs. Laura was so inspired by her results, she has become a health coach, helping other individuals to experience and achieve optimal wellness. Laura is just one of the hundreds of women I care for, with whom I have consulted during my years of experience in personalized clinical work.

How Do the 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health Work? 

I'll work alongside of you on your healthy journey to make the 7 Divine Keys a lifestyle.  As you consistently practice the keys you will experience divine alignment for your body, soul and spirit. 

You will incorporate the 7 Divine Keys at your own pace towards better health.  To restore mental and physical health naturally, my recommendations may include:

  • Blood Type Strategies 

  • Culinary /Nutritional Therapies

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Prayer 

  • Fasting

  • Biblical Meditation

  • Detoxification

  • Talk and coaching

  • Specific exercises

Women who consistently follow the 7 Divine Keys wellness plan tailored to their unique needs experience:

  • Sleep better

  • Have more energy

  • Feel more balanced in mood

  • Are more productive

  • Reduce or eliminate pharmaceuticals‍

  • Divine alignment in body, soul & spirit


What is my assessment process?

After taking and analyzing a comprehensive history during my first client session, I may recommend specialized, non-invasive lab tests, such as:

  • Testing to determine your blood type

  • Tissue Mineral Analysis (Hair analysis of mineral status, ratios, metabolic function, and heavy metal toxicity)

  • Comprehensive blood and salivary testing for biological stress, hormones, inflammatory markers, and imbalances contributing to poor health

  • Food allergy and sensitivity tests

After receiving lab results, I then provide you with a comprehensive written wellness plan for step-by-step change.

Booking Considerations. 

I do tele-health communicating via video for my clients in the United States and internationally. As you proceed on your program, I guide you via video check-ins every 2 weeks (or as needed) to help you overcome obstacles and achieve optimal physical and mental well-being.

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